10 Random Facts

10 Random Facts

There’s a quirky little game of tag going around the blogging community right now, and I’ve been poked by the lovely Linda Burke (@LBurkeWriter)N from my #Wana711 blogging class. (Which was presented to us by Social Media Goddess and mighty fine lady, Kristen Lamb.)
To play, you simply need to be tagged by someone. Then you list 10 random facts about yourself and tag four more people.
Here are my random facts. Hmmm – wonder who I’ll tag in return …
1. Like my fellow blogger, Linda Burke, I’ve just been involved in Kristen Lamb’s fantastic blogging course and I’m part of the Zoomer sub-group that consists of six of us of, shall we say, ahem, a certain age. Kristen is offering the course again and I strongly recommend it. Click here for the details.
2. I finally got around to having braces at the age of 59 and now have the nice straight teeth I always wanted.
3. Sometimes I just have popcorn for dinner when I’m alone.
4. I’ve always had pets until a few years ago when our last one passed and our travel plans made it impractical. At one point we had two dogs (a black Lab and a Wheaten Terrier), three cats, and a pet squirrel we rescued when he fell out of a tree.
5. I love to ski and Whistler, B.C. is my favourite ski destination. The first time I went there was in 1970. Um, it’s changed a tad since then! There is a fantastic selection of runs on two mountains (Whistler and Blackcomb) and an awesome new gondola that goes across the valley from one peak to the other. Take a look by clicking here.  It’s a great place for golf and a huge mountain biking destination in the summer. The scenery is spectacular at any time!
6. Normally I’m not a picky eater. Just don’t feed me mushrooms or lentils, thanks.
7.  Much to my surprise I truly enjoy reading on my Kindle and, although I still appreciate holding a print book in my hands, I would say I’m definitely a convert.
8.  I’m a part owner (with five other members of my Bridge Club and  two friends who are horse trainers) of a racehorse named Sweet Like Sugar.  She gave us all a thrill by winning her first race. We’re waiting to see what happens next. (Let me assure you this was not a major investment but it’s a lot of fun and, well, you just never know … )
9. During the four months we have been in Antibes, France this summer, as well as loving every minute of the experience, I’ve been doing some research for my next novel. A lot of the action takes place in this part of the world  and I can’t wait to see what happens next! I’m about halfway through the first draft.
10. I have a wonderful blended family of seven plus 2 sons-in-law and a daughter-in-law and six grandchildren. As much as I love traveling with my husband, I miss them like crazy and will be thrilled to see them when we get back to Toronto. The babysitting requests are already piling up!
I’ve actually got five keen bloggers waiting to share their random facts with you. Thanks to @NatalieHartford, @PatriciaCavigli, @Angela_Peart, @Melissa_Foster@GeraldineSolon for agreeing to participate with such enthusiasm!
Thanks for stopping by. Every day is a gift so make the most of each one. Give back what you can, count your blessings and spread good karma wherever you go. It’s the least we can do … and that’s not a random fact! Leave a comment and tell us one about you.

16 responses to “10 Random Facts

  1. Super list, Patricia. I’ve enjoyed your pictures and the history you’ve discussed on your blog while in France, especially the lavender. When are you returning home?

    • Thanks Linda. That was fun! We are here until September 30 so I’ll be able to share a few more weeks of Friday in France. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it.

  2. Fantastic to get to know you a little better. Love your list and I can’t wait to do my own. Thank you for the TAG!! 🙂 Woot woot – happy day!

    • Thanks Caliene! It’s fun and hopefully won’t be too much of a moneypit! So far we’re ahead! She was up in New Jersey for the summer and has just gone back down to southeast Florida. She will race there for the winter at Gulfstream. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      • My husband will happily tell you than anything equine is a moneypit, lol! But they are good for the soul, so I figure it evens out. I’ll be sure to check out the Gulfstream stats!

  3. Patricia,
    Great facts! So fun to learn something new about you. i see that this is going around. I may be tagged soon…I need to start thinking random things.

    I also eat popcorn for dinner on occasion!

    • You’re most welcome! I enjoyed reading your random post. It’s fun to learn these aspects of each other we might not otherwise. Obviously travel has been big part of your life too. Be patient, the time will come for more!

  4. Marcia Richards tagged me in this game, I’ll be sharing my facts on wednesday. This is a really fun way to meet new bloggers, such as yourself. Love your list, especially that your home is Toronto?! I just vacationed there and loved the city, so diverse and much to do. Like you, I sometimes eat popcorn for dinner, which is actually a habit brought on by sunday dinners at home-popcorn and movie with some apple slices or cheese was a big tradition. And Whistler, I follow a blogger who lived there for 2 years and worked as a nanny. Small world. So very nice to meet you, Patricia! Definitely be back!

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