Actually it’s Saturday and it’s Toronto …

If It’s Friday, It Must Be France … 

Sorry I’m late with this … yesterday was a little busy …

Although our idyll in France is over and we returned to Toronto yesterday, I’m going to continue posting about the south of France for a while longer. I receive a lot of e-mails about these posts with great questions and I’m happy to keep sharing information and my photos. People seem to prefer sending e-mails to leaving comments and that’s just fine with me. I’ll get back to you either way … avec plaisir!

All summer in France we intended to go and see the Woody Allen movie “Midnight In Paris” at one of the English movie theatres in Nice. Somehow we never got around to it. It seemed kind of fitting then, as I settled into my seat for the flight to Toronto from France yesterday that this was one of my movie choices. I loved it!

First of all, the camera caresses Paris throughout the film and truly gives you a sense of being there. Secondly, the main character writes screenplays and is an aspiring novelist. Hmm, a lot to which I could relate. I had no idea of any other details although I had read in the Nice-Matin (my morning French lesson newspaper) that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the wife of the President of France, had a small role. They seemed quite proud of that.

The fact that other artists and writers factored into the story in such an interesting way was a completely delightful surprise. This isn’t a film for adventure seekers or a chick flick. Funny and charming, it’s a romantic comedy – a love story about a city and a culture as  much as about some people who have very different views of what is important in life.

That takes care of the movie part of this post. Now for the music. A French friend told me about a popular singer here called Zaz and I was SO glad she did! I’ve been playing her music on my morning walks all summer. This song is my favourite and I was amazed to find a video showing english lyrics. It’s fun and energizing and  a great motivator in the morning!

Now that we’ve looked at some recent entertainment from France, here’s the beloved Edith Piaf to take us back to the past.

Next Friday, this blog will be visiting the beautiful town of Arles. I hope you will be along! Is there some place in the south of France you would like to know more about? I’m always happy to share information, photos or answer any questions you may have.

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Patricia Sands lives in Toronto, Canada when she isn't somewhere else, particularly the south of France. With a happily blended family of seven adult children and, at last count, six grandchildren, life is full and time is short. Beginning with her first Kodak Brownie camera at the age of six, she has told stories all of her life through photography. Much to her surprise a few years ago, she began to write and has now published three novels, including two that are part of a six-book series set in the south of France. Love France? Love her work! Check out her website She is particularly drawn to the rewarding friendships of women and the challenges many embrace once their families are grown. "It's never too late to begin something new," she enthuses. "As the saying goes, just do it!"

14 thoughts on “Actually it’s Saturday and it’s Toronto …

    1. Thanks for the hugs, Marion! They are always welcome. You are right about the love strings but they’ve been there for many years and are just part of who I am. I kind of like them because they keep bringing me back … if not in reality then always in my heart!

  1. Ah, France. I love these posts…

    Zaz is fabulous! I must download her music – poor Edith is lonely on my iPod.

    I’m so pleased you will continue to share your France with us. I love what Marion said – France has tied love strings around your heart – and in sharing with us, so now are we tied to you.

  2. I absolutely must see the movie – thanks for sharing! And I agree with Marion and Tameri, these France posts are a little taste of heaven so I am glad they’ll be sticking around while longer.

  3. I grew up listening to Edith Piaf! I remember Sunday mornings in my parents’ apartment, Edith’s gorgeous voice filling every room. Ah, memories.

    Something tells me you will be back in France really soon 🙂

  4. I’ve never heard of Zaz but after watching the video feel like I’ve encountered a 19th century Romantic. So, she turns out to be quite familiar! lol. You must be the best kind of tourist … you embrace it all. As Marion said, France does seem to have your heart strings. 🙂 Looking forward to reading about Aries!

  5. I can’t choose just one part…I loved it all! Especially moved by Edith Piaf’s song. I have to see that movie now and I’ll look for more Zaz. I sensed the melancholy, too. Hopefully you will be able to go to France again. In the meantime, sharing with us may make it easier to be back home. thanks, Patricia.

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