‘Tis the season to feel stressfully slightly overloaded! Humming joyful holiday songs only works for so long  … Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel or Jingle Bells … whatever helps.  Normally I love the busy bustle of the holiday season.

However,  *cue doleful organ music*, I am lagging far behind with everything at the moment, and in my little world that can only mean one thing … edits. I am hard into them again in the hopes of getting The Promise Of Provence out into the world by February.

That’s my excuse for being over a week late with this photo challenge (from November 30) which I dearly wanted to enter. The one photo I had in mind appears to have vanished from my iPhoto library. *pausing for a slight head bang* How does that happen?

I offer these for some reflection on your part.

Bruge - Classic Reflection ~ PSandsPhotos

Bruge – Classic Reflection ~ PSandsPhotos
Venice Masks - Aspects of Reflection ~ PSandsPhotos

Venice Masks – Aspects of Reflection ~ PSandsPhotos

I photographed  a bizillion a lot of shop windows in Venice and played around quite a bit before I figured out how to eliminate the reflection. There were a few shots where I liked the way reflection added to the effect and this is one. Fascinated by the history and artistry of the masks in this magnificent town, the idea of an unknown face reflected here added to my musings. What sort of mask do many of us wear from time to time?

At the moment, I am wearing my *mask of shame* and apologize to anyone who is wondering if I have fallen off the planet. Nope … just hunkered down in the editing trenches.

I did manage to surface long enough last week to do what was needed for a promotion I arranged months ago for The Bridge Club on BookBub.com. Let me simply say right now an ENORMOUS thank you to everyone who downloaded the book. An equally huge thank you goes to all of my writing and blogging friends who supported through social media. You all ROCK!

TBC hit #33 in the Amazon Kindle Store (that’s out of one million – woohoo!) and was #1, #1 and #5 in our Amazon categories for several days. It was exciting and oh so satisfying to know that so many new readers had decided to get to know the ladies of The Bridge Club!

How does “Reflection” look to you?  Click here to check out the other entries in the weekly photo challenge.  

Happy Hanukkah 187884615675981982_0KwiTpIJ_bto everyone celebrating this special holiday.

And now back to work …


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