It’s Stacy’s Birthday Bash!

It it’s Friday, it must be France …     will be back next week …

Today I am partying it up with a great group of authors who are celebrating the talented Stacy Green’s birthday and book release for the g r i p p i n gTin God“. Come on in, we’re just getting started!

903968_10151397528064562_1862327962_oBirthdays – Love ‘em or loathe ‘em?

Look out! Here comes another one!

Whether we like it or not, birthdays come and go, year in and year out … and every year that special day seems to come faster.

To me, age is just a number we need to get passports, driver’s licenses, and the like. Otherwise … fahgeddaboudit! Birthdays are an opportunity to celebrate the fact that you are still around to have another one. Make it special or observe the day quietly; whatever makes you happy. But whatever you do, don’t worry about the number!

We don’t all have songs written specially for our birthday but here’s one that’s worth a watch. Enjoy! Royal Birthday Blues written and performed for Prince Charles. I hope he thought it was funny!

Do you have a special birthday story to share? Drop on down to the comments section and tell us all about it!

Before that, help yourself to the bar and the delicious munchies and do the rounds. Visit with the other friends who are making this party SO good!  There are a lot of great reads here to add to your TBR pile or to buy for that next birthday present you need!

Join in for a chance to win an $80.00 VISA gift card. You can enter on every single author’s page! That’s better than a goodie bag any day. Good luck!

Drum roll for the birthday girl, please! TAAAA DAAAAAAAAAA

Stacy Green
Stacy’s second novel, TIN GOD is an Amazon Hot New Release at just 3.99
Black Market Adoption, Two Dead Women, and a Demented Killer. How far would you go to bring justice?

Tamara Ward

Birthday Cake FiascoTamara’s new release, Hidden Betrayal, is featured at $3.99.

Kassandra Lamb

Don’t miss this one ! An Unsaintly Season in St. Augustine — on sale for $.99

Catie Rhodes

Catie’s featuring her debut novel, Forever Road, starring Peri Jean who owes a ghost a favor and must solve a murder to pay it off ~ $3.99

Melinda VanLone

Melinda’s debut urband fantasy, Stronger Than Magic, is just 2.99. Tarian Xannon fights demons, like the rest of us. This time, just happens to be real!

Julie Day

Don’t Get Mad’ is now available for $1.99. Book 4 of Geraldine’s Gems romance series

Sandra is sad about her failure of her marriage to control-freak husband, Jim. Until her aunt Geraldine arrives and tells her ‘Don’t Get Mad, Get Even’. So Sandra joins the local gym and meets hunk Troy, and gets fitter and healthier and falls in love. She also gets more confident, and finally stands up to Jim in pubic, and wins.

Gregory Carrico – Missing Child in Gator Infested Swamp. sort of.

 Children of the Plague: Can teenage Lanni save her brother, and what’s left of mankind from plague infected mutants in post-apocalyptic Manhattan? $3.99

Anna Erishkigal

‘Sword of the Gods:  The Chosen One’ is available for FREE for all e-readers.  At the dawn of time, two ancient adversaries battled for control of Earth.  One man rose to stand at humanity’s side.  A soldier whose name we still remember today.  Blog listing all free ebook download links:  Happy Taxirthday at

And me! Click here for my  new release, The Promise of Provence ~ Is home exchangeTPOP_sm in the south of France a remedy for heartbreak? ~ $3.99  ! It’s been in the top 100 in its categories since the launch this week!

Now that you have partied with the gang here, be sure to click on this link and boogie on over to enter the Rafflecopter draw! Click here … right now … good luck! 

Visit all the author pages and you can enter the Rafflecopter draw on each page for more chances to win. The more you enter the closer you get to that $80.oo gift card!

Have fun browsing and don’t forget to leave your birthday comment here!

Published by patriciasands

Patricia Sands lives in Toronto, Canada when she isn't somewhere else, particularly the south of France. With a happily blended family of seven adult children and, at last count, six grandchildren, life is full and time is short. Beginning with her first Kodak Brownie camera at the age of six, she has told stories all of her life through photography. Much to her surprise a few years ago, she began to write and has now published three novels, including two that are part of a six-book series set in the south of France. Love France? Love her work! Check out her website She is particularly drawn to the rewarding friendships of women and the challenges many embrace once their families are grown. "It's never too late to begin something new," she enthuses. "As the saying goes, just do it!"

6 thoughts on “It’s Stacy’s Birthday Bash!

  1. I think if the years pass by any faster the closer I get to 50, my brain will enter a wormhole and wake up on the wrong side of 100! I, too, kind of just block birthdays out of my mind as some kind of undesireable traumatic event, right up there with getting a root canal or stepping on a nail! But it’s good to spend the weekend with other similarly afflicted friends!

  2. Thanks for the post… and I love the image at the top of the blog. Yes, I sure wish I was there. Luckily, my birthday is a half a year away… so I’ve got time before I turn another year older! 😉

    1. Right on, Kelly! You have so many books published though, I don’t know how you manage to keep track of them all. There will be a lot book birthdays going on a your place!

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