The little engine that could …

These days it is easy to become discouraged and sad about the state of the world when we read or watch the news. However, if we look beyond the headlines, there are many good news stories about everyday people working to help make the canstockphoto8136400world a better place.

I want to share one of those stories from my hometown of Toronto and offer a standing ovation to NEW CIRCLES founder Cindy Blakely and her dedicated staff of volunteers. September is going to be a special month for them!

Here’s the  NEW CIRCLES  newsletter, so you can be properly introduced. Next week I will add more to the story … with pleasure!

Take a moment, when you can, to click on their link and add to the “likes” on their Facebook page today.  Feel free to spread the word and then post about folks in your community doing good work. It’s one way we can help pay it forward.

September Strong 
starts today!19

Dear friends and supporters,

Sept strong student

As you may know, New Circles is the “little engine that could”, a powerhouse agency driven by hundreds of volunteers, donated clothing and financial support from a caring community. Last year, we distributed 200,000 items of clothing helping over 25,000 people, many of whom are new to Canada, to meet their immediate needs, make new connections and move forward with their lives.

This month, we are launching September Strong, a social media campaign to raise awareness about the wide range of programs at New Circles and expand our circle of support. We hope you will help us to spread the word.

It’s easy, just “like us” on Facebook and share our updates with your friends.   Each day we will post new content created just for this campaign.  Learn about our Seniors Mobile Mall, volunteer programs, friendship circles and so much more.  Our goal is to reach 350 likes by the end of the month.    And don’t miss “Cindy’s Corner” – a video series profiling our founder Cindy Blakely.

Today, we’re kicking off September Strong with a video “Helping Hands”,created by New Circles volunteer Georgina Graham, a third year English/film student at Bishop’s University.  [Click here to watch video.]

Please join us in spreading the word.  With your help, we can build strong and caring communities where everyone has access to basic necessities.

Stay September Strong,

 The New Circles team

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Patricia Sands lives in Toronto, Canada when she isn't somewhere else, particularly the south of France. With a happily blended family of seven adult children and, at last count, six grandchildren, life is full and time is short. Beginning with her first Kodak Brownie camera at the age of six, she has told stories all of her life through photography. Much to her surprise a few years ago, she began to write and has now published three novels, including two that are part of a six-book series set in the south of France. Love France? Love her work! Check out her website She is particularly drawn to the rewarding friendships of women and the challenges many embrace once their families are grown. "It's never too late to begin something new," she enthuses. "As the saying goes, just do it!"

16 thoughts on “The little engine that could …

  1. It’s actually refreshing to hear about some good news for a change, and great to see things like New Circles doing great things to make the world a better place. I’ll check out their FB site.

    1. Seriously, these volunteers put so much time and effort into what they are doing. Often, they are the primary people who make a difference for the people they are assisting. If I am going to be at home writing day in and day out at the moment, the least I can do is help to spread the word.

  2. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. To your point, it is so nice to see something good going on, somewhere in the world. Gives me hope.

    1. So true, Fransi. Hope is essential. Speaking of which, I had hoped we would be able to share a quick chat before I take off. No such luck. However, as we both know, October will be here in the blink of an eye and let’s try for that! Stay well, keep sharing your fabulous blog with us!

  3. Aside from the fact that your smile and attitude in person are a good news story on their very own…

    I love causes that help people get a leg up. How many closets in the greater TO area are crammed with never-worn clothes? I suspect they could add several zeroes to their LIKE FB goal, and still leave die-hard pack-rats unscathed. Be-bopping on over to LIKE the page.

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