Spring Flings!

If it’s Friday, it must be France …

Friday seems to come around more quickly these days! I think it has something do with Spring, don’t you? The days are getting longer. The sun feels warmer and the air fresher. There’s a kind of a-new-lease-on-life vibe going on in my world and it’s SO energizing!

When I want to have a little escape from writing, without actually going anywhere, I disappear into my photo files for a while. I love to wander into this garden, close my eyes, listen to the cicadas, breathe in the sweet fragrance of fresh blooms, and generally chill for a while.. Wouldn’t you? I can feel Spring in the air here.


Since the change in seasons has finally arrived (… for most of us anyway, and I hope that includes you …) I used this shot for the header on my Newsletter #7 yesterday .  In the previous newsletter I had a giveaway contest for two signed copies of Ted Jones’ book,The French Riviera: A Literary Guide for Travellers. One of my favourites! 

The lucky winners are Margaret Elkins and Donna BazanCongratulations! I’m waiting for your postal info and then the books will be on their way to you.


There are more Spring flings going on!

Who doesn’t love to win a free book? My friend Emma who organizes the fabulous France Book Tours is also hosting a giveaway over the next week or two to celebrate the first anniversary of her highly successful blog tours. A copy of The Promise of Provence is one of many great prizes. Click here to go the page and bonne chance!


To add to the excitement of spring in the air, BookRhythm on Facebook is hosting an April Kindle Giveaway, loaded with novels offered by 19 authors. This weekend they are ramping up the fun factor by having flash giveaways of books. Click right  here and join in the fun. Good luck!

And now I’m heading back into my writing cave … almost done!

When was the last time you won a free book and what was the title? If you haven’t signed up to receive my monthly newsletter yet, there’s a widget in the right column here that takes you where you need to go. Come on and join us! We’re waiting for you!

Published by patriciasands

Patricia Sands lives in Toronto, Canada when she isn't somewhere else, particularly the south of France. With a happily blended family of seven adult children and, at last count, six grandchildren, life is full and time is short. Beginning with her first Kodak Brownie camera at the age of six, she has told stories all of her life through photography. Much to her surprise a few years ago, she began to write and has now published three novels, including two that are part of a six-book series set in the south of France. Love France? Love her work! Check out her website www.patriciasandsauthor.com She is particularly drawn to the rewarding friendships of women and the challenges many embrace once their families are grown. "It's never too late to begin something new," she enthuses. "As the saying goes, just do it!"

20 thoughts on “Spring Flings!

    1. Thanks, Anneli! We spent many happy hours in this garden and I can still hear the bees buzzing when I look at it. I hope Spring has arrived in your beautiful corner of BC.

  1. My last book win was just a couple of weeks ago from this blog…My Wish List. It just arrived yesterday and I am anxious to get reading it.

  2. You’ve had a tough winter in NYC. In fact, there aren’t many places in NA that haven’t been hit long and hard this year. That’s one of the reasons tourism here in south Florida has gone through the roof during the past few months. I’ll be back in Toronto next week and hope Spring is waiting up there too. Enjoy it!

  3. That is indeed a lovely photo. And now I need the go outside and breathe for a little while. Too long cooped up in the office.

    I didn’t actually win a free book, but I was given a free book to read and critique. It was called Mozart Murders by romantic suspense author Loucinda McGary. I haven’t finished it yet, but it is very good so far.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  4. I didn’t win a book recently but I purchased one that I cannot put down. So if anyone reads this comment, get yourself a copy of THE PROMISE OF PROVENCE. You deserve this treat.
    And, Patricia, someone who knows Le Train Bleu and La Petite Chaise wins me over.

    1. Yes, I heard. In fact it was a very tough winter throughout most of North America too. Let’s hope spring and summer will bring us wonderful weather to wipe away those nasty memories.

    1. Thanks! You and I share another “small world moment”. I was the judge who chose the winning entry in the Good Life France contest! I’ll write you an e. xo

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