Bonjour, Nice! So good to see you again!

If it’s Friday, it must be France …

And I am thrilled to say that it IS Friday and this IS coming to you directly from beautiful Nice. We arrived here on Sunday after our fabulous two weeks in the Swiss Alps and, as much as we would have been happy to stay in that peaceful setting longer, we are thrilled to be back here in Nice La Belle. It feels like home.


It’s been a busy week and we have just returned from a little soirée for people to chat with me about writing and publishing, organized by Ida Young-Bondi of E-French Café It was so nice to meet everyone, have a great chat and enjoy that spectacular setting on the Med. In particular, it was great fun to meet blogger extraordinaire, Margo Lestz, in person, after getting to know each other online as we both contribute to The Good Life France website. I love that part of belonging to the writing community where we connect and meet with others from all over the planet, online and in person.

I’ve switched my “office” high up in the Alps for one overlooking the Med, and I’m finding it equally inspiring!IMG_2331

Tomorrow my DH and I are going to hop on the train for 20 minutes and go to Antibes (be still my heart) where I will stop by to visit with my friend, Heidi Lee, at her Antibes Book Shop.

There’s never a moment in this part of the world where we have to stop and figure out what to do … the list goes on and on.

A truly delightful surprise this year is spending time in the new park, La Coulée Verte or Promenade du Paillon, which runs from the Promenade des Anglais in the centre of town through Place Massena to  Vieux Nice near Place Garibaldi. The last two years we have been here, an enormous area was under construction and we missed the grand opening by a week last fall. It was worth waiting for!

There’s much to compliment about the people-friendly design of the space and the water feature is outstanding. Each stage of the pattern lasts for too long a time for me to make a video, but I think you will get the picture from these shots. Watching people of all ages delight in this area was so much fun. I can see we’ll be visiting there often when we go for daily walks.







Doesn’t that look like good fun? Whatever your plans are for the weekend, I wish you a fine one!

Bon weekend, tout le monde!

20 responses to “Bonjour, Nice! So good to see you again!

    • I’m loving that view too, Patricia! The entire Côte d’Azur is truly beautiful! Of course there are always complaints about tourists and traffic but those issues can be avoided. No wonder everyone wants to visit here … can’t blame them!

    • I so agree, Niamh. We’ve just returned from spending the afternoon in Antibes.It was a perfect day for strolling, visiting our favourite spots, and then I popped in for a good visit with my friend, Heidi, who owns the English Book Shop there. I always get a little thrill seeing my books for sale on her shelf!

  1. Oh I am jealous. I’m preparing a post on remote working–how to do your blogging and other work from wherever you are. Any tips I can share with readers?

    • Bonjour, Jacqui! One of the great joys of the internet is that we can work from anywhere in the world. Needless to say, there are some areas where the service is better than others but really there’s nothing to stop us from taking our work with us. I love it! I’ll look forward to reading your post! Sorry about the delay in responding!

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