Chocolate anyone?

A few weeks ago I posted a recipe here for a super-scrumptious chocolate cake.( It was a lovely surprise for my launch party last November from cake-artiste-extraordinaire Nicole Lachapelle.)   I’ve had some great e-mails from several of you who took the time to make the cake. It was so much fun to hear youContinue reading “Chocolate anyone?”

Everything you could wish for in a bookstore!

If It’s Friday, It Must Be France … Heidi’s English Bookshop, located in my home away from home this summer, Antibes, France, has been a mainstay here for 21 years. It can’t claim to be built upon Roman ruins as can many other buildings in the town, but it most definitely can claim to offer theContinue reading “Everything you could wish for in a bookstore!”

This beats my finger-tapping …

It’s raining here this morning for about the fifth time in two months so I really can’t complain. In fact, it’s very refreshing. My problem is this. The always inspiring view I normally lock into when I’m at my trusty Mac writing is completely covered in cloud. As I was sitting here, chin in hand,Continue reading “This beats my finger-tapping …”

Take a break …

Who doesn’t like to laugh, smile, or just feel good? This short video always does it for me. Whether you are a reader or a writer, I hope you get a chuckle from this clever bit. Don’t try to adjust the focus, it’s made the way you see it, but do get up and boogieContinue reading “Take a break …”

If it’s Friday it must be France …

Ooops – it is Friday and I haven’t written a post. I’ve written tweets, Facebook messages, e-mails, information and bio as requested by another website, and 3000 words on my manuscript (I was on a roll!) but I haven’t written my Friday post. I made a commitment to write something about my four-month stay inContinue reading “If it’s Friday it must be France …”

A fine example of friendship

The very best part of having my novel published is meeting readers. In the past 10 months I’ve had the pleasure of being in the company of some fine, interesting women who, like the ladies of The Bridge Club, have shared a friendship through many decades. I would like to introduce you to one groupContinue reading “A fine example of friendship”

Awesome chocolate cake recipe!Better late than never…

If you are looking for another post about France, it will be here on Friday. I’ve decided that until the end of September, every Friday will feature the “If it’s Friday, it must be France” post. `A vendredi! Now this post is WAY overdue! Last November we held the launch party for The Bridge ClubContinue reading “Awesome chocolate cake recipe!Better late than never…”

Renoir, Rubens & Frites City

There are few places in the south of France, large or small, that don’t offer a special reason to stop by. Treasures abound of every kind. I’m just saying … Cagnes-Sur-Mer is ten-minutes west of Nice and easy to reach by the coastal train. Choose to spend time at one of many pebble beaches  orContinue reading “Renoir, Rubens & Frites City”

Huffpost article too good not to share

This great article gives readers a very clear picture of the angst most writers feel about promoting their work. It says a lot of things we would like to say ourselves but can’t quite figure out how to work it in with everything else we are talking about. Click here to go to the articleContinue reading “Huffpost article too good not to share”

Chagall in the a.m./moules-frites in the p.m.

It’s an easy walk from the main train station in Nice (Gare SNCF Nice-Ville) to the Musee Chagall (also known as Le Musée National du Message Biblique Marc Chagall) with just a slight uphill section before you arrive. Honest, it’s not like Grasse where we had to climb 200 stairs to reach the old town …Continue reading “Chagall in the a.m./moules-frites in the p.m.”