Taking Root In Provence – France Book Tours

It’s always a pleasure to have friends drop by the blog! The multi-talented Anne-Marie Simons and her husband Oscar, who is … hold your breath, ladies … an expert on Provençal cooking, paid a visit here last June. They  shared their experience of retiring and relocating from the States to Aix-En-Provence in the south of France.Continue reading “Taking Root In Provence – France Book Tours”

Franglais anyone?

If it’s Friday, it must be France … Parlez-vous franglais? The government in France has a branch whose job it is to defend the purity and proper usage  of the French language.The Académie Française was created in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu, the chief minister to King Louis XIII.It has forty members, known as ‘immortals’, whoContinue reading “Franglais anyone?”

Vive La Différence!

If it’s Friday, it must be France … It’s a pleasure to welcome Anne-Marie Simons to this spot today. She and her husband, Oscar, left Washington, DC, in 1998 in search of the perfect place to retire. They settled in beautiful Aix-En-Provence and are living my dream. Anne-Marie is a vibrant and energetic woman andContinue reading “Vive La Différence!”