Ready, set, go!

Get out the fireworks, noisemakers, and pots and pans or just snuggle up on the couch with the tv tuned to the Rockin’ NYE show in Times Square … *a toast to Dick Clark’s memory* … . whatever works for you! Celebrate all the good memories of 2012, move on from the not so goodContinue reading “Ready, set, go!”


The word for the new WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE on the Daily Post  is “foreign”.  Here’s how they set up the challenge. “While foreign (rightly so) often brings up images of things outside of your own nation, it can also apply to things outside of or different from your normal environment, or even something which isContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: FOREIGN”

The Wireless Generation – could this be you?

For a few weeks now you may have noticed me talking on Twitter or Facebook about a documentary project being prepared for Sundance called The Wireless Generation. Here’s the skinny on it. “ABOUT THIS FILM The internet has changed everything. Not just how we work, but where. Working from home in the US has increased dramaticallyContinue reading “The Wireless Generation – could this be you?”

Last chapter syndrome …

Ooops – Tuesday just slipped right by me! I’m in the grips of what I refer to, in a conflicted  joyful way, as “last chapter syndrome”. Even though I feel a little sad to say goodbye to the characters, it’s such a relief good feeling to be reaching the end of something that has consumed meContinue reading “Last chapter syndrome …”

Guest blogging? Gotta love it!

Who has more fun than bloggers? Okay … um, you can probably give me a list … but never mind.  I can tell you one of the many ways we enjoy life here in the blogosphere and that’s by visiting back and forth – oceans and borders don’t deter us in any way – andContinue reading “Guest blogging? Gotta love it!”

Meet Claire McAlpine, Reviewer Extraordinaire

If it’s Friday, it must be France … Last Friday we spent some time in beautiful Aix-En-Provence. Today I want to introduce you to a young writer and reviewer living there. I’ve been following her blog, Word By Word, for a while now and I’m sure you are going to want to add it toContinue reading “Meet Claire McAlpine, Reviewer Extraordinaire”