Thanks to the Canadian Authors Association!

From Wednesday evening last week and through the weekend, the Canadian Authors Association hosted CanWrite! 2013. It’s the kind of event every writer should have an opportunity to experience from time to time. Writers attended from across Canada: networking, exchanging ideas, writing together, chatting, debating, empathizing, laughing. All good stuff. As well as challenging andContinue reading “Thanks to the Canadian Authors Association!”

CanWrite! 2013 … and a French poodle named Maurice …

If it’s Friday, it must be France … I’m away for a few days at the Canadian Authors Association’s annual conference  ~ CanWrite! Conference 2013. It’s being held in the land of Canada’s beloved humorist (although British-born) Stephen Leacock in  Orillia, Ontario. Leacock and a group of  prominent authors founded the organization in Montreal in 1921 with aContinue reading “CanWrite! 2013 … and a French poodle named Maurice …”