April Fool’s/Poisson d’Avril! (And the winner of My Wish List!)

If it’s Friday, it must be France …  April Fool’s day is almost here. Imagine my surprise the first time I was in France on April 1st and found children sticking paper fish on my back, whispering and giggling and then hollering “Poisson d’Avril”! Excusez-moi? Fish? As Wikipedia explains: “In Italy, France and Belgium, childrenContinue reading “April Fool’s/Poisson d’Avril! (And the winner of My Wish List!)”

Get your bonbons here!

If it’s Friday, it must be France … Attention chocolate lovers! It’s a lovely coincidence that my friend, Steena Holmes, is in Paris as we speak. She went over to the London Book Fair to be part of a panel and did a fine job of representing indie authors as well as hybrids such asContinue reading “Get your bonbons here!”

Chocolate anyone?

A few weeks ago I posted a recipe here for a super-scrumptious chocolate cake.( It was a lovely surprise for my launch party last November from cake-artiste-extraordinaire Nicole Lachapelle.)   I’ve had some great e-mails from several of you who took the time to make the cake. It was so much fun to hear youContinue reading “Chocolate anyone?”