Get “Hooked” Right Here!

As you all know by now, sharing stories is something I love to do. Whether it’s talking about truly worthwhile causes like the new fund-raising idea for breast cancer begun by Donna Sheehan in Toronto or introducing you to one of the many wonderful writers or reviewers in our online community, it’s always a pleasureContinue reading “Get “Hooked” Right Here!”

March 8 is International Women’s Day

Let’s hear it for the ladies! International Women’s Day (8th of March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. For more information go to¬† Events are planned around the globe with the U.K. leading the way, followed by the U.S.A., Canada, Belize (!), and AustraliaContinue reading “March 8 is International Women’s Day”