Getting back on track …

Full disclosure: I have to admit taking a week to breathe, away from writing and social media, was truly a gift. I’m so glad I gave it to myself. Having finally written the ending to my next novel … even though we all know novels are never really *finished* … it was time to re-focus onContinue reading “Getting back on track …”

Gratitude feels so good, doesn’t it?

Yesterday I hade the pleasure of speaking at a luncheon meeting of the Canadian Federation of University Women in Peterborough, Ontario. This national organization is under the umbrella of the International Federation of University Women. Their goal is to empower women and girls through lifelong education for leadership, decision-making and peace and their global reachContinue reading “Gratitude feels so good, doesn’t it?”

February 14th is V-Day – not just hearts and flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  As people all over the globe celebrate this very commercial day of spreading love … and I’m all for the sentiment behind it … I’m asking you to take some time to put thought and effort into another kind of call to action for February 14th. V-Day is an organized responseContinue reading “February 14th is V-Day – not just hearts and flowers”