For your reading pleasure …

If it’s Friday, it must be France … If you are dreaming of spending time here … Or  here … Or here … Or here … There’s nothing like a good read to whet your appetite even more: SUGGESTED READING LIST FOR SOUTH OF FRANCE TRIP ~ Here are some of my favourites  The ManContinue reading “For your reading pleasure …”

CBBH Photo Challenge: Windows

If it’s Friday, it must be France … Okay, I know it’s Sunday, not Friday, … life is crazy but I am still managing to keep track of the days … honest! Out of respect I wanted to leave my post about Amanda Todd in place all last week. Thus and therefore, I’m a tadContinue reading “CBBH Photo Challenge: Windows”

Renoir, Rubens & Frites City

There are few places in the south of France, large or small, that don’t offer a special reason to stop by. Treasures abound of every kind. I’m just saying … Cagnes-Sur-Mer is ten-minutes west of Nice and easy to reach by the coastal train. Choose to spend time at one of many pebble beaches  orContinue reading “Renoir, Rubens & Frites City”