MANday Challenge – enter to win!

Jillian Dodd and CJ West are two terrific writers in very different genres. As you might guess from Jillian’s website, she writes about romance and fun. Take a look at CJ’s website and you know immediately the man is dangerous … at least he writes dangerous. He’s actually a sweet guy! And it’s his birthdayContinue reading “MANday Challenge – enter to win!”

A busy week in the Blogosphere

If it’s Friday, it must be France … Here we are again! I swear these weeks keep getting shorter … or perhaps it was just all the time it took me this week to figure out TRIBERR.COM. Thank you Jenny Hansen for the instructions on your blog this week  including that unbelievably helpful video (whichContinue reading “A busy week in the Blogosphere”

Lights, Camera, Action!

Do you love movies? I do! My husband and I go out to the movies at least once a week and watch several more a week at home. Okay, full disclosure – if the weather is really bad, we’ve been known to do a triple-feature . I’m not necessarily proud of that but it isContinue reading “Lights, Camera, Action!”