Fresh, juicy, local …

If it’s Friday, it must be France … I’m still in Atlanta, Georgia, at the RWA National Conference with about 2000 other writers, editors, and agents. It’s not quite as good as being in France but it is definitely an unforgettable experience in itself. The workshops, discussions, keynotes, and pitch sessions have been informative andContinue reading “Fresh, juicy, local …”

The party’s at Bridgette’s …

Okay, a few weeks ago I promised I was only going to post on my blog twice a week and since then I’ve broken that promise several times. I’m sorry … I’m a big believer in promises so this does not make me feel good. With your permission I’ll retract that promise and simply sayContinue reading “The party’s at Bridgette’s …”

Living the dream … afloat!

Okay, this is going to be fun! As you’ve heard me mention before, in July/August 2011 I took Kristen Lamb’s blogging to build a brand course with about 40 writers/bloggers. Without exaggeration, every writer should take this course … find out when her next class will be … it will be the best $40.00 you ever spentContinue reading “Living the dream … afloat!”

Did you know this about Dickens?

If it’s Friday, it must be France … Excusez-moi! First an apology – OMG, this is my FOURTH post this week!!! Holy S***!  I normally only post twice a week so – to you wonderful subscribers – please don’t hate me.  I promise not to bombard you with posts this often ever again … orContinue reading “Did you know this about Dickens?”

A bit about Brie

If it’s Friday, it must be France … I’ve been in France all week … well, okay, in my mind … and I know that’s not the same as actually being there in person. But almost … really … I’ve been working on my next novel for several hours every day and my characters areContinue reading “A bit about Brie”

Support your local bookstore … please

A few weeks ago I wrote about our beloved local bookshop, The Book Mark, being forced to close.  Every time I walk by the empty store, I feel SO sad! There aren’t many inviting bookstores left with character and warmth in Toronto and those we do have need our support. If you are downtown, planContinue reading “Support your local bookstore … please”

Listen to Kristen … then just do it!

Happy New year everyone! As 2012 gets under way, I’ve been immersed in reading other blogs about whether or not to make resolutions.It’s kind of a natural topic du jour at the beginning of January. I stopped thinking about New Year’s resolutions years decades ago. Don’t wait for the beginning of a new year toContinue reading “Listen to Kristen … then just do it!”

This is SO good …

Who doesn’t like to read good news? For my fellow writers this post will be an affirmation for all the time we spend working at our craft and being swallowed up in the netherworld of  social media. For everyone else it will simply be a story that will make you smile and feel happy forContinue reading “This is SO good …”

Post-Thanksgiving Thankfulness

The Thanksgiving weekend weather in southern Ontario could not have been more perfect.  This holiday is my favourite.  I love it no matter what the weather but it’s even more fun counting your blessings when the sun is shining! Taking time to be thankful every day is a habit I have long cultivated and theContinue reading “Post-Thanksgiving Thankfulness”

I have a confession to make …

Okay, here are my excuses for not having a post organized for today: 1. Our wifi was down for five days. 2. Every time I went to an internet cafe I was distracted by all the cool stuff going on around me. Even in the quietest location it was all just happening … um, maybeContinue reading “I have a confession to make …”