Guest post – Marcia Richards

I’m delighted to welcome Marcia Richards to do a guest post today. Please leave a comment and make her feel welcome! A veteran blogger and author of Marcia Richards’ Blog…Sexy. Smart. From The Heart, Marcia writes about Sexy, Sweet Obsessions, 20th Century American Historical moments and people, and the path to realizing your dreams. She alsoContinue reading “Guest post – Marcia Richards”

10 Random Facts

10 Random Facts There’s a quirky little game of tag going around the blogging community right now, and I’ve been poked by the lovely Linda Burke (@LBurkeWriter)N from my #Wana711 blogging class. (Which was presented to us by Social Media Goddess and mighty fine lady, Kristen Lamb.) To play, you simply need to be taggedContinue reading “10 Random Facts”

If it’s Friday it must be France …

Ooops – it is Friday and I haven’t written a post. I’ve written tweets, Facebook messages, e-mails, information and bio as requested by another website, and 3000 words on my manuscript (I was on a roll!) but I haven’t written my Friday post. I made a commitment to write something about my four-month stay inContinue reading “If it’s Friday it must be France …”

Further to my last post …

Continuing with the subject of finding the balance between social media and writing, I wanted to give this next website it’s own separate post. First I want to thank my friend and fellow author Patricia Caviglia for forwarding the link to me in the first place. At the risk of repeating myself, the online writing/publishingContinue reading “Further to my last post …”