#3 is here ~ and it just keeps getting better!

If it’s Friday, it must be France … It’s an honour to be part of the team that works together to bring you this FREE Loveahappyending Lifestyle Magazine (LLm) four times a year.  I’m sharing the link on my Friday France page for two reasons. One ~ today is publication day. Two ~ I’m thrilledContinue reading “#3 is here ~ and it just keeps getting better!”

Perfect for a relaxing read ~ LLm ezine

Have you a moment  to find a comfy spot to settle in and read? Put your feet up. Relax. Treat yourself to a look at the Lifestyle Ezine our LoveAHappyEnding.com authors publish quarterly. Download it to your computer or favourite reading tablet and enjoy the fabulous photography and articles on just about every topic youContinue reading “Perfect for a relaxing read ~ LLm ezine”

Living a paranormal life

Last week we floated on Nancy Nicholson’s sailboat. This week we’re talking about a different kind of floating … spirits. No, not the kind you drink. Whether you believe or not in the paranormal and things that go bump in the night, they are simply part of author Kathryn Brown’s life.  She is a convincingContinue reading “Living a paranormal life”

Post-Thanksgiving Thankfulness

The Thanksgiving weekend weather in southern Ontario could not have been more perfect.  This holiday is my favourite.  I love it no matter what the weather but it’s even more fun counting your blessings when the sun is shining! Taking time to be thankful every day is a habit I have long cultivated and theContinue reading “Post-Thanksgiving Thankfulness”