Paw de Deux …I purr therefore I am …

If it’s Friday, it must be France … This is a cat that gets around! This week two dear friends introduced me to Henri, the existential cat, on their fabulous blogs. Naomi Bulger in Melbourne, Australia and Tamari Etherton in California both featured this video  so you may have already seen it. I just knowContinue reading “Paw de Deux …I purr therefore I am …”

Post-Thanksgiving Thankfulness

The Thanksgiving weekend weather in southern Ontario could not have been more perfect.  This holiday is my favourite.  I love it no matter what the weather but it’s even more fun counting your blessings when the sun is shining! Taking time to be thankful every day is a habit I have long cultivated and theContinue reading “Post-Thanksgiving Thankfulness”

Gentillesse Gratuité – Free Kindness

If It’s Friday, It Must Be France … My friend author Naomi Bulger (don’t miss her Messages In A Bottle blog) is in France and Italy right now on a wonderful holiday with her family. I know they are having an awesome trip making memories that will last a lifetime.  Naomi has such a quirky,Continue reading “Gentillesse Gratuité – Free Kindness”