New urban fantasy release from Angela Wallace!

Ta-daaaaa! Drum roll please! Book three of Angela Wallace’s Elemental Magic series is out! Earth Tones is an exciting read from beginning to end with Nita, a kick-butt heroine you want to have as your best friend . The supernatural elements Wallace creates are cleverly original and, at the same time, totally believable.I didn’t readContinue reading “New urban fantasy release from Angela Wallace!”

Cover reveal!

I wish I could say it was the cover for my next novel but I’m not there yet! However Angela Wallace is right on track for her new paranormal release, Earth Tones, and this is the day we all get to see the fabulous cover! I am always impressed and amazed by authors who writeContinue reading “Cover reveal!”

Living a paranormal life

Last week we floated on Nancy Nicholson’s sailboat. This week we’re talking about a different kind of floating … spirits. No, not the kind you drink. Whether you believe or not in the paranormal and things that go bump in the night, they are simply part of author Kathryn Brown’s life. ¬†She is a convincingContinue reading “Living a paranormal life”