Awesome chocolate cake recipe!Better late than never…

If you are looking for another post about France, it will be here on Friday. I’ve decided that until the end of September, every Friday will feature the “If it’s Friday, it must be France” post. `A vendredi! Now this post is WAY overdue! Last November we held the launch party for The Bridge ClubContinue reading “Awesome chocolate cake recipe!Better late than never…”

Canada Day & 4th of July Weekends

North America should be rocking this weekend! I imagine just about every citizen in Canada and the United States will be celebrating their wonderful countries. Let’s also remember to toast the brave men and women of the military who support their country and sometimes pay the ultimate price. This tribute to Canada by Tom BrokawContinue reading “Canada Day & 4th of July Weekends”

Renoir, Rubens & Frites City

There are few places in the south of France, large or small, that don’t offer a special reason to stop by. Treasures abound of every kind. I’m just saying … Cagnes-Sur-Mer is ten-minutes west of Nice and easy to reach by the coastal train. Choose to spend time at one of many pebble beaches  orContinue reading “Renoir, Rubens & Frites City”

Chagall in the a.m./moules-frites in the p.m.

It’s an easy walk from the main train station in Nice (Gare SNCF Nice-Ville) to the Musee Chagall (also known as Le Musée National du Message Biblique Marc Chagall) with just a slight uphill section before you arrive. Honest, it’s not like Grasse where we had to climb 200 stairs to reach the old town …Continue reading “Chagall in the a.m./moules-frites in the p.m.”

Bonjour mes amis!

Please join me in the south of France for the summer! My husband and I have rented an apartment in Antibes between Nice and Cannes. We have visited this area on several vacations and fell in love with the beauty, the history, the culture, the people, the weather … I could go on but youContinue reading “Bonjour mes amis!”

Further to my last post …

Continuing with the subject of finding the balance between social media and writing, I wanted to give this next website it’s own separate post. First I want to thank my friend and fellow author Patricia Caviglia for forwarding the link to me in the first place. At the risk of repeating myself, the online writing/publishingContinue reading “Further to my last post …”

Finding the balance between writing and building an author platform

Time is a precious commodity of which there never seems to be enough. There are seldom nights I fall into bed (the best feeling !) that I don’t wish there had been a few more hours in my day. I always see this as a positive though, that my day was so good I wantContinue reading “Finding the balance between writing and building an author platform”

My guest blog on Girlfriendology

You can never have too much to say about the special girlfriends in your life. Click here to read my guest blog on Girlfriendology’s website in honour of the great ladies in my Bridge Club!

Get to know author Patricia Caviglia

Patricia Caviglia is a bright new voice on the roster of Canadian writers. An exotic mix of Brazilian, Italian and French cultures influence the personality of this young woman in her mid-thirties. After growing up in Montreal and tasting life abroad with a six-month stay in Italy in her twenties, she moved to Toronto 5Continue reading “Get to know author Patricia Caviglia”

The writing community as I see it

One of the best parts of being involved with the writing community is meeting the engaging and dedicated people who participate in and contribute to it – both online and off.  Experienced or novice, young or not so young, every genre imaginable from steampunk to romance to whatever, everyone is in the mix. Honestly, theContinue reading “The writing community as I see it”