Stand Up To Bullying Day – October 26th and every day!

The last Friday of every month has been designated ¬†International STAND UP TO BULLYING DAY!¬†October 26th is it for this month. Please join this vital cause. There’s been a lot of talk about the subject of bullying lately and there are many special days, weeks, and months dedicated to spotlighting the problem all around theContinue reading “Stand Up To Bullying Day – October 26th and every day!”

Let’s keep talking about bullying

My Friday in France post will continue next week. Merci! There’s so much more to say about the issue of bullying. I should have begun talking about this at the start of the week instead of yesterday. Never mind … it’s not just this week or next week or last week that we need toContinue reading “Let’s keep talking about bullying”