A sweet taste of France

If it’s Friday (or even Saturday), it must be France … The Promise of Provence now has a book trailer! After sifting through my photos and collaborating with the creative ( … and patient … ) Kristen Kress at Brain Fry Productions, we are on YouTube. Chalk up another learning experience … it just neverContinue reading “A sweet taste of France”

Lunch with Journeywoman!

Some days are a little more special than others and yesterday was one of those! Some people you meet are a little more special than others and the woman I met yesterday was indeed one of those! Evelyn Hannon, aka Journeywoman, and I spent a couple of hours  yesterday chatting over a light lunch weContinue reading “Lunch with Journeywoman!”

Come to France with us next June!

If it’s Friday, it must be France … When I wrote The Promise of Provence, it never occurred to me that an opportunity like this trip would arise. I’m a writer. I love what I do and my greatest reward is hearing from readers. As you know from this blog, I also love to travel.Continue reading “Come to France with us next June!”

Up close and personal … sort of …

If it’s Friday, it must be France … Join me in the garden of this beautiful home … can’t we just move here … ? Or at least have a writers’ retreat here? Or just all sit around and tell stories? I know I just posted this photo a little while ago but I loveContinue reading “Up close and personal … sort of …”

Be a Possibilitarian!

The first time I recall seeing the word was on author Amber West’s fabulous blog “A Day Without Sushi” which I follow regularly. She displayed this poster and the word  possibilitarian struck a chord that has resonated with me ever since.  (We have never been able to figure out where this graphic originated. So if anyone knows,Continue reading “Be a Possibilitarian!”

On to the next event …

We’ve exchanged whines for wine in our home today! Woohooooo!  I’ve climbed out the trench that has been my workplace for the past few weeks as I worked on the developmental edit of my new novel, The Promise of Provence. My long-suffering husband is discovering I am capable of more than muted one-syllable responses andContinue reading “On to the next event …”

Coming up for air …

While I’ve been working on the revisions for my next novel, I’ve also been preparing for an exciting speaking event coming up soon. No wonder my e-mail box is overflowing and I’m waaaay behind on all the blogs I love to follow. Sorry, gang, I’ll get caught up … sometime … The fourth annual PowerContinue reading “Coming up for air …”

Getting back on track …

Full disclosure: I have to admit taking a week to breathe, away from writing and social media, was truly a gift. I’m so glad I gave it to myself. Having finally written the ending to my next novel … even though we all know novels are never really *finished* … it was time to re-focus onContinue reading “Getting back on track …”