Time … as they say … flies

So much for my good intentions in keeping up with the blog! I’ve had so much to write about I kept procrastinating. Now the list is way too long to blather on about so I’ll simply record the highlights: – Amy, the bright and energetic young lady who helps me with social media (thank goodness!),Continue reading “Time … as they say … flies”

Let’s begin 2011 by answering some questions

Ok – the decorations have all been carefully put away for another year. The suitcases have been unpacked. The last of the shortbread has mysteriously vanished. It was a wonderful holiday season and now it’s time to get back to business. THANK YOU TO ALL THE READERS WHO TAKE THE TIME TO WRITE TO ME.Continue reading “Let’s begin 2011 by answering some questions”

Thanks again Dan!

In the blink of an eye we are back in Toronto. The nine wonderful days in Whistler flew by. Christmas with some of our family out there was a very special time and Mother Nature co-operated by providing a magical winter wonderland. Ski conditions were fabulous even though the upper mountains were closed because theyContinue reading “Thanks again Dan!”