Follow-up on BULLY-have you seen it yet?

The jury is still out judging from the wide range of opinions in reviews for Lee Hirsch’s “Bully”, otherwise known as “The Bully Project”. I have to admit I was a little disappointed but still feel it’s an extremely important film for adults and teenagers to see. Every school should incorporate this film into itsContinue reading “Follow-up on BULLY-have you seen it yet?”

What’s your take on this?

WHICH MOVIE WOULD YOU SAY IS MORE IMPORTANT FOR A TEENAGER TO SEE? THE BULLY PROJECT THE HUNGER GAMES Why not make this deal with the moviegoers in your life?  If you go see The Hunger Games you will see The Bully Project too.  If you only choose one movie to see in the nearContinue reading “What’s your take on this?”