First the good news …

There’s nothing that makes a writer’s day brighter than hearing positive comments from readers or reviewers. (Truly! Don’t ever hold back!)  When the comments come out of the blue, it’s even better! So it was when a friend e-mailed me on Friday to say she had just read a great review of The Bridge ClubContinue reading “First the good news …”

Girlfriendology – what friendship is all about!

Here’s another great website. Girlfriendology celebrates the meaningful friendships women share. Their posts are informative, entertaining, and important, supported by relevant links. The interaction of their thousands of followers speaks to the popularity of Girlfriendology. They have just begun a Wednesday page where women can send in photos of their girlfriend groups and I’m sharingContinue reading “Girlfriendology – what friendship is all about!”

Guest post on Rachel Howzell Hall’s site

Rachel, thanks so much for inviting me to post on your blog. Writing is such an individual undertaking, it’s always interesting to hear how others make it happen and using your blog as a platform for this is a great idea. Click here to see my post and check out Rachel’s blog and website. RachelContinue reading “Guest post on Rachel Howzell Hall’s site”

Thank you, Audrey Grant and Barbara Seagram

What an honour to have The Bridge Club read and reviewed by the internationally renowned bridge educator and author Audrey Grant as well as Barbara Seagram, owner of the popular Barbara Seagram School of Bridge in Toronto. Audrey’s article is in the current publication of Better Bridge and Barbara’s can be found on page 6Continue reading “Thank you, Audrey Grant and Barbara Seagram”

The Bridge Club

Thanks for visiting my blog! It’s exciting to have a chance to let you know about my first novel, The Bridge Club. The printer’s proofs should arrive next week and for the first time I will actually get to hold the finished product in my hands. Crazy as it sounds, it’s kind of like havingContinue reading “The Bridge Club”