Farewell to a friend

It’s never easy to bid farewell. We all suffer loss. We all grieve. We all ache. We all remember. A dear friend is gone but never will be forgotten. Death is Nothing at All Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away to the next room. I am I and you are you.Continue reading “Farewell to a friend”

‘Tis the season … and Tameri is here too!

Today was our 4-year-old grandson’s Christmas concert. They are still allowed to use that title at his school and rightly so as the greatest majority of families in that community celebrate Christmas …  not necessarily from the religious perspective. IMHO, it was just the way a Christmas concert should be with excited, joyful children proudlyContinue reading “‘Tis the season … and Tameri is here too!”


From The Daily Post @ WordPress.com  – The Weekly Photo Challenge – THANKFUL In as few words as possible (the TRUE challenge for me) , amongst many other things, I’m most thankful for family, friends, freedom and: EVERY SUNRISE EVERY SUNSET AND EVERY MOMENT IN BETWEEN THAT OFFERS OPPORTUNITIES FOR NEW EXPERIENCES AND I AM THANKFUL I’VEContinue reading “WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: THANKFUL”

Pinch me!

If it’s Friday, it must be France … Ooops – I’m late again  – I know it’s Saturday, but we have company and I’m attempting to sneak this post in while still being a somewhat gracious hostess. Good thing we have understanding friends who realize writing and blogging are  consuming my life  somewhat distracting at times. WhatContinue reading “Pinch me!”

In search of the perfect chèvre …

If it’s Friday, it must be France … When we lived in Antibes for five months in 2011 …  *pause briefly here while I weep and wail quietly lament we are not there now* … pardon my sniffling … okay, I’ve pulled myself together … To continue … our favourite fromagier, Jacques, at the dailyContinue reading “In search of the perfect chèvre …”

Coming up for air …

While I’ve been working on the revisions for my next novel, I’ve also been preparing for an exciting speaking event coming up soon. No wonder my e-mail box is overflowing and I’m waaaay behind on all the blogs I love to follow. Sorry, gang, I’ll get caught up … sometime … The fourth annual PowerContinue reading “Coming up for air …”

Thank you/Merci beaucoup!

I’m dashing out the door to meet with my editor but want to say an enormous THANK YOU to all the readers and supporters who responded to The Bridge Club as Book Of The Day yesterday on eReaderNews.  The Bridge Club shot up to #4 on Amazon’s Movers and Shakers/Digital Text! Woohoo! Thanks a million,Continue reading “Thank you/Merci beaucoup!”

Choopy’s Cupcakes and Coffee Shop

If it’s Friday, it must be France … Mon Dieu, what a day I’ve had! There’s malware in my Hotmail apparently sending messages to everyone in my address book that I’m in distress in Greece and need money! It took a few hours of phone calls to Microsoft for them to figure out why IContinue reading “Choopy’s Cupcakes and Coffee Shop”

Pass me another tissue please

I’ve been wiping tears from my eyes all week with the Olympics under way. Every time there is a medal presentation and the winners emotionally respond to their national anthem, so do I. Do you only choose certain events to watch in the Olympic Games? I watch more television during the Olympics than any otherContinue reading “Pass me another tissue please”

A Gold Medal Winner!

It it’s Friday, it must be France … During the next two weeks there will be many gold medals awarded at the Olympic Games in London, England. As I was making my favourite dessert for a dinner party the other evening, I was watching  previews about the Games. It occurred to me that the crèmeContinue reading “A Gold Medal Winner!”