Literature, Lunch and Lavender – part one

If it’s Friday, it must be France … Talk about a good story! The literary history along the south coast of France is tough to match. Poets and scribes from the Roman Empire told of the beauty of Antipolis, now Antibes. In later centuries writers began visiting the Riviera for the beauty, the sea,  theContinue reading “Literature, Lunch and Lavender – part one”

Renoir, Rubens & Frites City

There are few places in the south of France, large or small, that don’t offer a special reason to stop by. Treasures abound of every kind. I’m just saying … Cagnes-Sur-Mer is ten-minutes west of Nice and easy to reach by the coastal train. Choose to spend time at one of many pebble beaches  orContinue reading “Renoir, Rubens & Frites City”