Finding the balance between writing and building an author platform

Time is a precious commodity of which there never seems to be enough. There are seldom nights I fall into bed (the best feeling !) that I don’t wish there had been a few more hours in my day. I always see this as a positive though, that my day was so good I wantContinue reading “Finding the balance between writing and building an author platform”

Get to know author Patricia Caviglia

Patricia Caviglia is a bright new voice on the roster of Canadian writers. An exotic mix of Brazilian, Italian and French cultures influence the personality of this young woman in her mid-thirties. After growing up in Montreal and tasting life abroad with a six-month stay in Italy in her twenties, she moved to Toronto 5Continue reading “Get to know author Patricia Caviglia”

The writing community as I see it

One of the best parts of being involved with the writing community is meeting the engaging and dedicated people who participate in and contribute to it – both online and off. ¬†Experienced or novice, young or not so young, every genre imaginable from steampunk to romance to whatever, everyone is in the mix. Honestly, theContinue reading “The writing community as I see it”

Interview with writer Melissa Foster

I first met the talented¬†Melissa Foster when I surfed into the relevant, informative, and entertaining (I kid you not … all that and more!) website she founded and hosts. Through many exchanges of communication, talking on skype, and the sharing of ideas, philosophies, and eventually personal experiences it is a pleasure now to also callContinue reading “Interview with writer Melissa Foster”

More about TBC characters- Jane

Wow! It’s been fun to hear how many of you related to the Sea To Sky Highway, Jane’s favourite drive (Chapter 3). It’s an awesome drive from Horseshoe Bay, just north of Vancouver, along the coast and then carved out of the steep cliffs overlooking the always breathtakingly beautiful Howe Sound, up past the in-your-faceContinue reading “More about TBC characters- Jane”

Guest post on Rachel Howzell Hall’s site

Rachel, thanks so much for inviting me to post on your blog. Writing is such an individual undertaking, it’s always interesting to hear how others make it happen and using your blog as a platform for this is a great idea. Click here to see my post and check out Rachel’s blog and website. RachelContinue reading “Guest post on Rachel Howzell Hall’s site”

Time … as they say … flies

So much for my good intentions in keeping up with the blog! I’ve had so much to write about I kept procrastinating. Now the list is way too long to blather on about so I’ll simply record the highlights: – Amy, the bright and energetic young lady who helps me with social media (thank goodness!),Continue reading “Time … as they say … flies”