New urban fantasy release from Angela Wallace!

Ta-daaaaa! Drum roll please!

Book three of Angela Wallace’s Elemental Magic series is out! Earth Tones is an exciting read from beginning to end with Nita, a kick-butt heroine you want to have as your best friend . The supernatural elements Wallace creates are cleverly original and, at the same time, totally believable.I didn’t read this genre until I met Angela over a year ago and she has turned me into a serious fan with the magical way she weaves characters and story.

Here’s a brief description of Earth Tones:

Nita Young doesn’t know if she has a future with college sweetheart Keenan Donovan—two star-crossed lovers of opposing elements—but she invites him up to Alaska to see if Earth and Water can rekindle their old flame.

When a series of wild animal attacks strike the inhabitants of Yakutat, Nita has to put her romantic plans on hold. Mangled bodies are turning up, and a mysterious black panther has been spotted in the woods. Fur, scales, and a venomous bite suggest the cat is supernatural in origin—and evidence indicates that someone not only summoned it, but is using it to target those Nita cares about. It’s the perfect murder weapon: no fingerprints, no evidence. And in a town this small, the killer is someone she knows.

Nita’s strength will be put to the test as she faces losing her friends, her town, and the man she loves.

And now enjoy this excerpt to tantalize you further:

A scream split the air.  Keenan took off toward it, somewhere up the street in the opposite direction of the health clinic.  I bolted out the door, Josh on my heels.  Keenan stopped where the street forked, and I nearly plowed into him.  My gaze followed the direction of his and landed on a huge, black cat standing in the middle of the road.

It looked even more frightful up close.  Its body glinted with scales covered in harsh looking bristles of fur.  Spikes extended from its long tail like a mace.  Its eyes glowed yellow as it stared down at us, and hot, putrid breath puffed from its open maw.  It did have what appeared to be horns: two short, rusty brown ones on top of its head, the tip of one broken off.

I gripped Keenan’s arm.  There were too many people around for us to use our elemental powers against the cat, and I didn’t have a hunting rifle on hand.  What was it doing in the middle of town?

“Maybe I should try talking to it,” I whispered.

Keenan made a negative noise in his throat.  “There’s something very wrong with it.”

I quested out anyway, but recoiled when a sensation like the stinging of needles greeted me.  Communication definitely wasn’t an option.

Available on Amazon – Click here and get your copy! Don’t forget to stop by her Amazon Author Page too!

To look at that sweet smile, you would never guess that Angela loves gun-toting good boys and could have been a cop in another life except for the unfortunate condition of real blood making her queasy. Good thing writing gun and sword fights isn’t a problem. In her books you’ll find the power of love, magic, and redemption.

Impressive, isn’t she? What she doesn’t tell you here is that she is also a qualified sign language interpreter and, for relaxation and a lot of fun, has recently taken up ballroom dancing!

Since Angela has completed all sorts of different interviews on her blog tour, I asked her to simply explain to us here why she loves to write paranormal fantasy. Here’s what she had to say.

I must confess that from my early writing days, I never envisioned myself as an urban fantasy writer. I was strict fantasy: made up worlds with magic and dragons and defying the laws of physics. Granted, urban fantasy is not a far cry from some of those things (I still enjoy defying the laws of science sometimes). And I still write straight fantasy in my Dreamwalker series. But for Elemental Magic I find myself navigating a world that is both magical and very familiar to us. Writing and reading the fantasy genre has always been a method of escape for me. But whereas when I was younger I wanted to run as far away as imaginatively possible from the frustrations and disappointments of this earth, somewhere along the way I came back to it. Urban fantasy became the meeting place between the wonders I saw in my dreams and the world I lived in, culminating in the realization that this earth, however dark and chaotic at times, still holds magic for those searching for it. And the heroes going up against the monsters in the night are a little closer to you and me, to who we could become.

Wow! And for even more WOW-someness, check out her book trailer.

I’m so glad Angela had time to visit my blog during her busy tour! To learn more about this talented young woman and her already impressive body of work, pay a visit to her blog here, visit her on Facebook, and see what she has to say on Twitter. For her blog stop with the hilarious Tameri Etherton, click here
I know how much Angela would love hearing from you so, if you have the time, do leave a comment or two. 


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14 thoughts on “New urban fantasy release from Angela Wallace!

    1. I agree, Sheri; I’ve read some great books by friends whose genre I wouldn’t normally read otherwise. And I was going to say as well, Patricia you changed things up! It looks nice! 🙂

    2. Hey Sheri, welcome back! We missed you and were thinking about you. Getting to know author’s of different genres is one of the many bonuses of being a writer! Angela’s writing draws you in immediately!
      Thanks to both of you for the blog compliments. It was time for a change and I’m not through yet!

  1. I’m loving Angela’s book tour. Even though I’ve known her awhile, I’m still learning new things about her. It’s great to see you here, Angela! Patricia is the perfect hostess for a blog stop.

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