I’ve moved to my new site! Come on over!

It’s not far … step into this garden and you will be there, just a click away, at http://patriciasandsauthor.com


I’m looking forward to seeing you there and hope you like the work we’ve done on putting all my information on one site. Comments are most welcome! On y va!



13 responses to “I’ve moved to my new site! Come on over!

    • Hi Marianne and thanks! I’m a bit late catching up with comments … désolée! I have a lot of help with things like setting up this website from my “tech angel” in Vancouver. I could not have put this together without her creative talent. I gave her the photos and text and she formatted it all.Then we made decisions about colour, setup, etc., together. She’s very busy herself so we were pretty relaxed about timing and just kept at it until it was ready. As you can see, there’s still some work remaining … but then we never really ever finish, do we? What are your plans?

    • Thanks! We’ve combined my former website and blog all into one neat and tidy nest. The posts that were on this blog site will all be accessible on the new one. So I guess … at some point … we will gently cast this one to the heavens … or the ether … cue the music …

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